28 January, 2012

"Nature’s way"

A very wealthy man asked a Monk for a text which would always remind him how happy he was with his family.

The Monk took some parchment and, in beautiful calligraphy, wrote:

– The father dies. The son dies. The grandson dies.

– What? – said the furious rich man. – I asked you for something to inspire me, some teaching which might be respectfully contemplated by future generations, and you give me something as depressing and gloomy as these words?

– You asked me for something which would remind you of the happiness of living together with your family. If your son dies first, everyone will be devastated by the pain. If your grandson dies, it would be an unbearable experience.

“However, if your family disappears in the order which I placed on the paper, this is the natural course of life. Thus, although we all endure moments of pain, the generations will continue, and your legacy will be long-lasting.”

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  1. This is a very nice blog on positive thinking. How to be optimist and accept the life as it comes to you is one of the best qualities of saints and that is what Bhakti yoga emphasises on. We should be detached from the world and attached to the God to attain the joy of spirituality.